Private Ads Network

Because everyone shall earn more from their effort and proxy networks

A network not for all but just for the community

How many times did you ask or search for an advertising network that allows proxy websites? Did you ever wanted an advertising network that was designed based on the community's needs and it will help you increase your earnings? If yes then we have an alternative proposal for is the first community based private advertising network made in order to provide an alternative solution to both sides (advertiser and publishers).

Want to be a publisher or an advertiser?

Want to be a publisher or an advertiser?For the first time ever the proxy community has its own private advertising is dedicated to provide advertising services to both sides (proxy publishers and advertisers), it will change the way that you monetize your proxy site and not only.

Proxy Publishers

  • CPM based model
  • Accepting all countries
  • Publish ads on your main page
  • Publish ads on your profixy page
  • Publish ads on your proxy list site
Proxy Advertiser

  • CPM based model
  • Advertise your proxy
  • Advertise your cpa offers
  • Advertise your downline list
  • Advertise your affiliate products

Profitable and successful advertising comes through a nonstop cycle of sales - leads - conversions. You have to stop relying on others. Make your own cycle, fast and easy. Try it now and combine both of publishers and advertisers benefits and see your income grow.

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