Our Philosophy

We are following the KISS principle.

This is what we believe

ProxyNoid our Philosophy"Keep It Simple, Stupid." a.k.a KISS is a term which simply shows that the simplest solution or path should be taken in a situation.

We strongly believe that everything must be kept simple. Simple for the proxy users , simple for the proxy owners and for everyone else who is related with the proxy business. For that reason why we follow this principle and we try to keep as simple as possible all of our products and services.

Providing a simple proxy site "clean" from annoying or even spammy ads will help to increase your proxy users' loyalty. Less ads doesn't necessary mean less earnings, don't let that fool you.

Getting the word spread about your proxy site must be simple and be done easy. A couple of clicks must do the job for you and bring your proxy site right infront of the proxy users screen asap you create it.

You can either spend your money into individual promotional methods, waste your time and make it more complicated than it is or you can keep it simple. That's up to you to choose.

We for once have created the proxy advertising - promotional tool that will solve your hands.