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A new member in ProxyNoid's network, meet the

18-05-2012   |   Posted by : ProxyNoid   |   Category: ProxyNoid Network  

A new member joined the ProxyNoid network, meet

With the name Noiders and with moto Your Wings Of Freedom we would like to present to all of you the new member of ProxyNoid’s network.

Noiders is the first of its kind and the only proxy users’ community that rewards its members by providing them with FREE of Charge Proxy Services which takes anonymity to the next level.

How does Noiders work?

In order to be able to give Free Premium Proxy Services to its member that wouldn’t cost them a penny the team developed an incentive system that covers all the operating expenses.

The member can choose from a variety of free offers, trial offers, surveys and download offers to complete. Each one of them gives to the member specific NC (Noider Coins) which he can use and get the proxy services that he wants and needs the most.

What are the Noider Rewards?

At the moment there are 4 different premium proxy services that are given as a reward to the members, those rewards are:

Each reward has a time circle of a month (except of the ProxyNoid credits where the member can redeem them whenever he wants).

Noiders are here to help you regain your online privacy, bypass webfilters and surf online anonymously.