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Our new add-on makes more $$ for Proxy Owners

28-12-2011   |   Posted by : ProxyNoid   |   Category: ProxyNoid Network  

Just a couple of days after Christmas and before the new year we managed to finish the development of our new add-on for ProxyNoid Proxy Promotional Service .

What makes this new add-on so special is that is going to be part of Private Ads Network and it has been already installed on ProxyNoid. So far it runs under beta mode by a few beta testers and the results are great.

For those of you who don't remember is the first and only Private Ads Network which was designed based on the community's needs and aims into help the proxy owners - webmasters to make more money from their proxy sites.

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Proxy Hosting Raffle at

28-12-2011   |   Posted by : ProxyNoid   |   Category: ProxyNoid Network  

Do you want to test the waters of the proxy business and see if it fits you? Then there is nothing better to start with than a moneh of free proxy hosting.

Proxy Hosting is by far the most important thing that you have to consider. What's even better?

What about a month of Free Proxy Hosting?

ProxyNoid Proxy Promotional Service in collaboration with xProxyHost Proxy Hosting are running a free Proxy Hosting Raffle this month in which everyone can join.

Want to be the lucky one?

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