About Us

Our knowledge is based on years of experience into the Proxy Business and the Proxy Community

A small brief of our History

The ProxyNoid as an idea started in the early of 2009 and finally went online at the early of 2010. The idea behind this project was simple and had one strict rule. That rule was to help the proxy owners and thus the whole proxy community.

It may sound too romantic to be true but that was how the project started. We wanted to give something back to the proxy owners community, to the people who helped and guided us at the very first step that we did years earlier before ProxyNoid. So we came up with a tool that helps the proxy owners to attract more proxy users to their proxy sites and by that to increase their traffic and make their proxy site more well known to the public. After all that's what proxy owners are looking for, traffic in order to increase their earnings.

Who is behind ProxyNoid?

When the project first started there was just one person behind it. Some of you may know him as Oxuro and some others as Lefto. During the time more people got involved with this project, seperate individuals and partners who contributed by their side into making ProxyNoid well known to the public. A couple of months ago ProxyNoid got acquired by atAll Web Development which is a sepearted division of Reboot Services whose headquarters are in Thessaloniki, Greece.

This acquisition doesn't change our strict rule on the contrary it enchase ProxyNoid services with new tools - services that will help the whole proxy community and webmasters.